Hello, and thank you for being interested in the AmpliRider! The AmpliRider is a 12V amplifier/mixer with three inputs and one output. It works on motorcycles, automobiles, off-road vehicles, boats, or anywhere you have a 12V DC supply. It can safely combine and amplify up to three stereo input signals in a high fidelity manner. The remote volume controller lets you adjust the volume and it can be put in an easy to reach spot. The knob is big and easy to adjust, even with gloves on.

Main Section

The main section has three input jacks that can combine up to three devices in an equal priority manner so you can hear them all at the same time. A three stage noise rejection circuit prevents unwanted sounds from coming through into the audio.
Screw terminals inside the amp allow for easy replacement of the power cords, if need be. The amp is built inside a tough ABS case that measures 80mm x 40mm x 20mm thick (3.15″ x 1.58″ x 0.79″).

Volume Controller

This gives you the ability to adjust your listening level from an easy to reach spot. You can keep the main portion of the amp safely stored in another location for a cleaner look, to deter theft, and for protection from the weather. Also, the volume control module can be taken out of its box to be mounted elsewhere if you prefer. It is built inside an ABS case that measures 50 mm x 35mm x 15mm thick (1.97″ x 1.38″ x 0.59″ thick ). All parts are screwed together, so you can take it apart for customization. A 6-foot cable is included by default but if you prefer I can include a 6-inch model if you want a compact system.

Alternate Version

There is a version of the AmpliRider with a built-in knob. This version does not have a remote volume controller.

Simple Installation

This amp is quick and easy to install. There are two power wires coming out. One is red and this connects to a +12 Volt supply. The other wire is black, this connects to the ground. The “VOL” jack is where the included 6-ft cord connects the main part of the amp to the remote volume controller box. After this it’s just a matter of hooking up an input and plugging in your headset or headphones. Or, you can connect the amp’s output to the input of a larger amp, to an AUX jack, or to an Autocom type system.

NOTE! – If you would like to use a radar detector with the amp please mention which model you have since many of them need to pass through an isolation cable.


I will stand behind this product and be happy to service any amp (at no charge) should anything ever go wrong, and this offer extends for the rest of my life. Even if the amp breaks and it’s your fault, it doesn’t matter, I will still fix it. Each amp has a unique hand written serial number. Each amp is hand built.

Installation Instructions