Pocket Amp 2 – Version 2 (PA2V2)


Presenting Pocket Amp 2 – Version 2 (PA2V2), a wonderful sounding, hi-fidelity portable headphone amplifier. This amplifier easily connects in between your source device and headphones, in order to improve the overall quality of your listening experience. Not only will the PA2V2 make your music louder, but more importantly make it rich in bass, and bring out crisp, cleaner high frequencies – just like you would hear by plugging your headphones into a powerful, full sized home stereo. It is my hope that this amp will allow you to hear and experience your favourite songs in a new and exciting way!


The amp is built inside a strong ABS case and a transparent Acrylic front panel displays the quality components on the circuit board. Everything is held together with metal screws and threaded locks. It’s something you actually could take apart with tools, then put back together.

It is built to provide you with years of service, and also to be serviceable, should any parts wear out in the future. All amplifiers have a lifetime, no fault, transferable, free repair warranty.


The PA2V2 is based on the LM4881 opamp, built in a simple and classic inverting feedback circuit. It is supported by good quality parts, chosen specifically to create the resulting sound character (which many owners report to be slightly warm).



The amp runs on two AA sized rechargeable NiMH 1.2 Volt batteries. The AA is one of the most common and easy to find batteries in the world. Ten years from now you’ll probably still be able to find them. A charging jack lets you plug in a USB charging cable or an AC adapter to make recharging simple. The amp has a very long battery life, in the area of 100 hours between charges during typical use. The rechargeable design reduces waste and saves you money.

Learn more about the batteries on the Operation Instructions page.


Besides being used to improve sound quality, the amp has found itself in many other applications. You can basically use the amp anywhere there is an audio line-out or headphone jack. Some examples include:


I will stand behind this product and be happy to service any amp (at no charge) should anything ever go wrong, and this offer extends for the rest of my life. Even if the amp breaks and it’s your fault, it doesn’t matter, I will still fix it.


Amplifier, 6″ audio connection cord, and a USB charging cable.

Operation Instructions